The Value Of Web Directories For SEO Traffic

posted Aug 27, 2013, 2:43 AM by Luke Mitchley   [ updated Oct 31, 2014, 1:11 PM ]
 The value of web directories for increasing content specific traffic to your website is often underestimated! Although every SEO specialist appears to be most concerned with ranking their website well with the giant search engine, Google, focussing on traffic that is permanently redirected to your site from an appropriately indexed position in a website directory will never be a waste of time. 

This accumalative traffic attracts the attention of many smaller search engines and helps your site to get even more traffic, in time it has to cause your Google ranking to improve naturally as your site becomes more established on the web. This means that whether they have a "no follow" tag or not, web directories serve a purpose. 

There are obviously those that are more effective than others, for instance the dmoz directory that is controlled by humans carries the largest authority at present. The others should not be overlooked, as long as it sends specific traffic to your site and does not involve a paid link system.
Web Directories For SEO Traffic

Using this search engine optimization strategy has proven to be effective in increasing the amount of traffic that you will receive for more specific long-tailed keywords that the websites might be filed under in the various categories of the web directories.

The example of "making google your homepage" as a site purely designed to target large amounts of traffic for that phrase gives proof that Google may be the most valuable traffic resource, but that almost 50% of the overall traffic comes from smaller search engines and directories shows that they should never be discredited. Considerable effort was directed to indexing this site on small web directories, and the test results have shown that not only does Google recognize it, but that it is not solely dependant on Google search for a steady traffic flow.

Of course social networking also plays a part in this directory for targeted traffic, but that is another subject that you can read about at this link. Social networking advice on how to use networks like Facebook for SEO