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All about search engine optimization

SEO - The key to success

Optimization for search engines (SEO) is now an essential tool for a successful Internet presence. Only an optimized website tops the search results on Google & co. The action of Vaughan's Visibility is global. The most important part of our work, is that we never offer a standard strategy to our clients. Each website has its own peculiarities and challenges. We adapt our measures in each case.

  • Technique: Doe the website contains errors that prevent Google from indexing it smoothly? We identify obstacles and develop a solid list of measures to be taken with examples from best practices. A structured knowledge transfer is essential for us, we do not keep our experience to ourselves. Only a website with flawless technical execution can survive the competition. We make sure the client can continue with the foundation we have laid. Otherwise, we carry out this task. With billing to the nearest hour.
  • Content: Our authors write content tailored specifically to our clients' business. They know how to combine quantity and quality.
  • Links recommendation: The decisive part of an SEO strategy. SEO with our link development program, will help small websites and big portals to substantially increased visibility. The customer pays only for perennial recommendations.

In over 80% of cases, search engines serve as an intermediary during the first contact with new customers on the Internet. In order to attract the largest possible number of visitors to your website, your page should be optimized for search engines. Not to be overlooked: Google, which has a market share of over 90%. But the measures proposed by Vaughan's Visibility also work on all other competing search engines.Important: Vaughan's Visibility optimizes exclusively based on Google's webmaster guidelines. Seriousness and transparency are essential - for the good of the client and as guarantors of lasting success.

Many providers in the market consider SEO as a sleight of hand. They manipulate rankings by illegal methods. The effects, if any, are often short-lived. The warning is in effect Google unequivocal

"They [Webmaster Guidelines] address in effect illicit practices that may lead to the final withdrawal of a relevant site from the Google index or other sanctions.When a site has been penalized, it does not appear in the search results of or on Google partner sites."

The On-Page Optimization: The SEO starts directly on your website

Vaughan's Visibility first begins by controlling all your Internet presence. We comb your site looking for technical problems that may prevent proper indexing by search engines. It is usually a serious problem from the point of view of SEO, but fortunately, often quickly fixed by your or our programmers. The result of the analysis performed by Vaughan's Visibility serves as a snag list to your programmers.

However, it is not necessary that your website only be appreciated by search engines. The actual visitors also want to find what they are looking for. This is why Vaughan's Visibility creates custom content for your sub-pages, each optimized for a particular keyword. The texts are written by expert authors. And visitors who come to your site by searching one of these keywords, quickly find the desired information. There is no other way to prevent these "surfing customers" from pressing the "back" button on their browser. If someone stays longer, he is more likely to become a customer.

In this way, thanks to the on-page optimization, you win both ways: more visitors coming to your website and a larger percentage changes in client. Of course, these landing pages have the same effect when you attract visitors to your website, not through search engine optimization (SEO), but the search engine marketing (SEM).