Any Positive Changes with Google for Search Engine Optimisation?

posted Aug 10, 2013, 2:13 AM by Gareth Norton   [ updated Aug 10, 2013, 4:03 AM ]

SEO specialists are often upset by Google's constantly adjusting algorithms, but what positive trend is there with the ultimate Search Engine's development?

The fact is that there was a phase for a few years where websites were severely and seemingly irreparably penalized by Google search algorithms. 

This was important for webmasters to wake up to what it is that Google was trying to tell them; no more short-cuts, no more black-hat tactics, no more purchasing ranking by paying for links, only quality content and authoritative and attractive websites will eventually rank well. 
This was hard to believe for some, and they had to learn the hard way, with their website ranking being penalised.

So what has changed?

With Google's evolution, they are no longer intimidated by these tactics, they know that they will keep winning and eventually these enemies of quality search results will fail. They are now making it easier and easier to repair your reputation on the web and to fix what mess you have made, and thus they are educating the majority of webmasters to know what is required for a quality website to rank.
Little man happy with his piece of the world wide web

How does this benefit us?

  1. Easier to repair an existing website
  2. Easier to rank a new business website
  3. Easier to follow the governing principles

As the World Wide Web keeps growing, with currently over 30 trillion websites, search results become more important for everyone. The only way progression is possible is to fit in as many legitimate websites as possible. How is this done?

'Niches'. Here a niche refers to a subject focussed on by a website developer. 

Every tiny little website can't dominate the internet. Everyone wants a piece of the pie, but the piece of pie that they are after tends to be more than what they are able to digest. Greed is the enemy of relevant search results and thus Google is taking on the parental role of apportioning the appropriate amount of WWW publicity to each website. 

This piece of publicity, on search results, is apportioned appropriately when a web designer focusses on the suitable niche. Google makes it possible to expand your niche and to grow it; encouraging natural growth to meet the demands of a possibly growing industry that the website is supposed to represent.

Hence, the value of learning the appropriate method to expand your niche.

How to develop a niche will be expanded upon in future articles...